Maysoon Zayid is a disabled Arab-American comedian, and here she talks about palsy and basically her life as a disabled (and Muslim) woman.  She’s amazing and this video is super touching and WAY FUCKING FUNNY.

I am a role model,” Kilic said. Her experience was serving as a spark for women in Kocakoy. “There is a lot of hope here now,” she said. “One woman said I was like somebody from another world. But look at me: I have no education, no job, and yet I am the mayor now. Women have been attending my rallies in droves. They say: ‘If Berivan can do it, so can I.’


I just want to take a moment here to appreciate the poetry of Aphra Behn, who was:

  • possibly the first woman in the English-speaking world to make a living as a writer
  • probably bisexual
  • also a spy (no kidding)
  • given to writing poetry that is really homoerotic/blatantly about sex/both